Process Analyst . Job Reference: 1643905

Job ID: 682593
Salary: Competitive and Benefits negotiable
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Competitive and Benefits

Date when vacancy closes
24 Apr 2017

Business Area
Head Office

Area of Expertise


Vacancy Details

Background to vacancy/ What is the purpose of the job? What do you need to achieve?
Upon completion of your interim appointment our intention would be for you to return to your previous role, where this is not possible the job that you return to will be at least the same level as the one you left
An opportunity to join the HRSS Process Team in Salford Quays and develop your knowledge of process improvement techniques and Lean skills.
The HRSS Process Team play an important role in supporting our operational teams/projects to make improvements to the services we deliver to our customers in Head Office, Retail and Distributon. The role is collaborative/facilitative in nature, working with subject matter experts, technical experts, customer service team and customers to deliver improvements. Improvements can be needed for several reasons including (but not restricted to) …
- Incidents that need to be prevented from reoccurring
- Inefficiency that could be addressed increase our capacity to do more
- Simplications that will improve our retail customer's capacity to trade
- Quality changes that will improve the accuracy of the services and information we provide
To apply for this position, you will need to have:
- A good level of understanding about how HRSS works, the services we provide and our customers priorities
- A keen interest in solving problems
- Excellent organisational and planning abilities
- A demonstrable aptitude and enthusiasm for improving processes and ways of working
- A desire to learn new techniques and skills as part of your career progression
Technical skills/business skills required
- A good level of understanding of using MS Excel, e.g. tables, charts, formulas (SUMIFS, VLOOKUP, IF, COUNTIF etc.), Pivot tables/charts.
- A good level of understanding of using PowerPoint, e.g. can prepare impactful presentations, familiar with M & S branding guidelines, can summarise and simplify information
- Must have an aptitude for using other MS Office applications, i.e. can quickly learn new applications such as MS Visio, Outlook and SharePoint
- Good engagement skills, i.e. can engage with your peers and Operations Managers to elicit information and collaborate to solve problems
- Prioritise your workload and keep track of actions/activities to always deliver on time
- A basic understanding of how to create a visual/written understanding of a process flow
- Confident when putting forward your op
- Analytical, logical and objective when analysing facts and information
- Ability to confidently lead a small team of people when collaborating on process improvements
- Knowledge of resource forecasting would also be advantageous
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